In ’90 Ray Bates was President; in ’91 David Rasmussen was President – he was Student President of the Niagara Student Branch some years earlier when he was at the age of 19. He had been on the chapter Executive since ’81 and continues to be on the Board of Governors. Dave has been Region 2 Nominating Committee member for the past 6 years. Meetings were at the Hillcrest Restaurant at $20 for members, $25 for guests. Fall golf was held September 26th, 1990 at Southbrook Golf Club in Binbrook. Cost was $21 and included dinner.

In ’92, Daryl Somers was President and many chapter members attended the CRC in Halifax. We relocated to the Pinetree on 20 Highway for better access for our many out-of-town members who welcomed the better location. Attendance went up.

In ’93 Wilfred Laman was President and again many of us visited the CRC in Quebec for training at the various workshops. Wilfred has continued to be involved in the Region as a Regional V-C since then and will be Chair of the new Society Tech Transfer Committee in 2004-05. In was in this period that we started to prepare our docs electronically and by 2003 all Newsletters would be issued only via email. Brian Beninger our Newsletter editor though the next 10 years got from paper to paperless. The DRC was Dalton McIntyre in his last of 3 years as DRC. Sagenay Lac-St-Jean dissolved as a chapter during year. Hamilton had 191 assigned Society members (region 2 had 2785) and raised $6,985 for research. Average attendance was 30.

In 1994, with Tony Rocco as President, we relocated to John Does Place just a few blocks up from the Pinetree on 20 Highway because of a potential meal cost increase at the Pinetree. However, later that year, the restaurant got into trouble for failing to submit their meal taxes to Revenue Canada and the place suddenly closed. We then returned to the Pinetree where we celebrated a big 35th Chapter Anniversary. Jim Hill, Society Treasurer and future Society President was in attendance and spoke of 100 years of ASHRAE. The CRC was in Ottawa August 11th to 13th, 1994 at the Chateau Laurier, with Tony Rocco Delegate and Chris Van Gerwen, Alternate. Norm Johnson was RVC MP, Danny Castellan RP RVC, Darryl Boyce Nominating Member, Laurier Nichols TEGS RVC, John Dugan the new DRC, Bill Manning Society President, Don Holte Society VP. Steve Comstock was staff rep. Our RVC of RP D. Castellan reported that the chapter collected $6,910 vs a goal of $8,000 with 41 contributors. Region collected $81,000. note – in President’s report to CRC, Tony Rocco reported that some $9444.00 was collected. Will need to verify this number. Average attendance was 36 up from 30 in 93-94. Golf was at Niagara Whirlpool Golf Club. Membership was ………. With 2630 assigned members in Region 2 down 5.5% from 1993

In ’95 Chris Van Gerwen was President and we agreed at the summer summit to return to the Pinetree for all our Meetings. The Region 2 CRC that year was in at the King Edward in Toronto August 10 to 12th, 1995. Chris Van Gerwen was Delegate and Darryl Singleton Alternate. The chapter membership was 99 members down from 105 in 93-94. Assigned Society members were 194 up from 191 in prior year (Region 2 had 2582,down from 2630). Seven new members joined chapter down from 9 in 93-94. students were at 26, which is half of the prior year’s 52 student members. Research contributions was up to $9444, $1444 over the goal, vs $6985 in 93-94. Meeting attendance was 36 average vs 30 the prior year. On our 35th Anniversary meeting on December 6th, 1994, Dr. James Hill Society Treasurer spoke about 100 years of ASHRAE. Also present was DRC was John Dugan and MP RVC Norm Johnson. Some 52 were present. Darryl Singleton was Pres-Elect, Frank Stempski VP, Ed Cazzola Secretary, John Pollock Treasurer, Ed Molnar MP Chair, Hugh Crowther Refrig. Chair, Art Rebek TEGA, and Tony Rocco RP Chair.

Golf was held June 14th, 1995 at the Niagara Whirlpool Golf course.

In ’96 Darryl Singleton was President, Frank Stempski Pres-Elect, Ed Cazzola V-P, Wilf Laman Secretary, John Pollock Treasurer, Hugh Crowther, Refrig. Chair, Art Rebek TEGA, Ed Molnar MP Chair, Rick Nafziger SA Chair. We had 85 chapter members and averaged 32 at the 10 chapter meetings, up from 30 in 1995. Area assigned members were 192 up from 184 (Region 2 had 2517 down from 2582). We had 11 new members, same as in 1996. Student membership was 28, same as prior year as well. During his leadership, we sponsored a highly successful Energy Forum at the Holiday Inn in Burlington with many senior government officials as speakers. Our best program was on NFPA Life Safety. Golf was at the Whirlpool in Niagara Falls. During year we developed a chapter home page – www.vaxxine.com. Brian Beninger was the Newsletter Editor. A chapter library was created with standards, codes and other publications for borrowing by chapter members. Research contributions were $9005, higher than goal of $7500 with 43 investors. We have $14,000 in reserve funds. The CRC was in London where they paid $4000 for a motivational speaker. The event eventually produced major benefits for ASHRAE as he looked into the format for joining ASHRAE and offered many recommendations which as member on the Membership Promotion Committee. As the Regional VP and eventually Chair of Membership Promotion, I got to implement the recommendations. Sometimes a motivational speaker can produce valid long term results rather than just entertain.

In 97, Frank Stempski was President,John Pollock Pres. Elect, Wilf Laman Secretary, Ed Molnar MP Chair, Ed Cazzola Program Chair, Bob Mosley Refrig Chair, Darryl Singleton RP Chair Art Rebek TEGA, Brian Beninger Webmaster . We had now 95 local members who all worked hard as hosts for our 4th CRC, this time at the Venture Inn now the Travelodge in Burlington August 14th to the 16th, 1997, overlooking Lake Ontario–great setting for a conference. Daryl Boyce was DRC for the meeting. Chapter President Frank and CRC Chair David Rasmussen put on an event we will find hard to top. The dinner and party at the Hamilton Warplane Museum was one all the American visitors have not stopped talking about. The murder mystery dinner banquet got everyone in attendance involved –all the CRC delegates, alternates and guests and proved to be entertaining. And as reported earlier, even with low registration costs, we still broke even. Chapter membership was 95 up from 85 in 97-98 (Region 2 was down to 2477), with Society assigned membership at 189 down from 192 in prior year. Chapter gained 5 new members vs 11 in 96-97. Chapter raised $8465 for research less than the quota of $9000.00. Chapter had 39 student members up from 25 in 96-97. chapter meals cost $20, guests, $25 with a $95 year meal plan. Chapter dues were at $65.00. The Oct meeting had Rob Robertson present a talk on the internet and access to HVAC info. Dec meeting had a talk on Democracy in Bosnia by Cliff Shemmer’s wife Jean from her first hand experience. Golf was at Niagara Whirlpool wed June 17th, 1998 at $100/person

In ’98 ASHRAE returned to Canada for their Annual summer Meeting in Toronto where they had a record attendance – largely because of our Canadian dollar… John Pollock was Chapter President and has been involved with this chapter as Treasurer for many years till 2004 when he handed over the function to some younger members . The summer summit was held at Wilf Laman’s house/pool July 14th, 1998. John was our Delegate at the CRC in Moncton September 10 to 12th, 1998, with Geo Robb as Alternate. Golf continued at Niagara Falls at the Whirlpool. Society assigned members were ……with 2399 assigned to region, down for the past 6 years of records.

In ’99 Ed Cazzola was President and the CRC was in Montreal. The chapter made many motions at the conference to challenge the way the region was operating. During the year the average attendance rose from 23 in 1998 to 33 in 1999 largely from the renewed actions of a telephone committee. A chapter scholarship was initiated for children or grandchildren of local members. Assigned members were….. with 2336 in region, again down.