January Meeting: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Meeting was entitled the “Journey of the Senses” Tour at Niagara College Wine Visitor and Education Centre Teaching Winery & Teaching Brewery The experience commenced in our teaching vinyards discussion covered our growing season, the Ontario wine industry, the Canadian wine industry and how we grow premium grapes right here in Niagara! Next, the group went to the wine making facilities where discussion covered the process of making our award-winning wines. Next the group visited the Niagara College Teaching Brewery, home of First Draft beer! After a brief tour of our beer making facilities, the group ended their visit in our Teaching Brewery retail store and taste First Draft Ale and Lager. What a way to spend an evening . . . Members then met at Jack Astor’s restaurant, located just off the QEW at 400 Ontario Street, St. Catharines, ON L2R 5L8, for a social dinner after the tour.

February Meeting: On Feb 11, 2014, we had an informative meeting where Mr. Frank Mesicek from Automated Logic provided some excellent information on how building owners can utilize existing BAS systems and tools in their facilities to find problems, arrive at solutions and save energy. Frank showed many examples where the mechanical systems were either not functioning or in disrepair and no one really took the time to investigate why energy consumption was above and beyond what the facility would normally consume. Dinner was at the Black Bull.

March Meeting: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 covered Regulatory, Design & Installation Considerations for Gas Appliance Venting in Ontario.The presentation provided an overview of design and installation considerations for commercial and industrial gas appliance venting in the Ontario market. The Speaker was Andrew Bonnema, MBA Sales/Application Engineer, Somers Environmental Products. The Luncheon meeting was at theBlack Bull on Guelph Line in Burlington.

April Meeting: On Monday, April 7 we held our annual joint meeting with the Toronto Chapter at the Holiday Inn in Oakville. The location was filled to capacity mostly from the Toronto Chapter but Hamilton did have a few members. Meeting was sold out in advance. Mr. Nick Stark, from H.H. Angus, discussed the challenges in the pursuit, design and construction of CHUM, the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, the largest single healthcare development underway in Canada and the largest P3 project in North America. CHUM also will be one of the largest academic medical centers in North America with 2.5 million sq. ft. serving 345,000 ambulatory patients, 22,000 inpatients and 65,000 emergency patients annually. CHUM will accommodate 770 single-patient rooms, ambulatory and diagnostic centers, surgery, intensive care, clinical laboratories and a research centre that encompasses 35 medical disciplines.

May Meeting, May 27th, 2014: 30 Members[limit was 30 and tour was sold out weeks in advance of meeting] were taken on a tour of the Quantum-Nano Centre at the University of Waterloo. This was a state of the art research centre for quantum information sciences and nanotechnology. Members had a chance to tour the brain storming rooms, the labs and also the academic sections of the building. Members were also taken on a tour of the mechanical room. We had a much larger turn out from the consulting community that normal. Thanks John McDonald from Modern Niagara and Trevor Kanerva from the University of Waterloo for their time and effort to host us for this tour. Dinner was held at the Wildcraft Grill Bar in Waterloo.

Final Event: Golf, June 18, 2014 in Niagara Falls at the Legends On The Niagara-Battlefield Course. David Rasmussen hosted his 25th year as Tournament organizer with a mixture of Sun and Overcast skies. At 9 am the temperature was close to 15C however after the 1pm shotgun start, it never dropped below 26C. This makes 24/25 years where no rain has fallen for the Tournament. The wet ground during the previous 2 days again forced us for the second straight year to use “cart path only” throughout the Tournament. This again cost valuable time as it forced you to walk far to retrieve your ball, sometimes yards away from the path. George Menzies manned the second “Longest Drive Hole” (#16) with a twist. The ball used was the practice type riddled with holes. Those thinking they could drive that ball 100 yards were sadly mistaken! Some $560 was raised for RP.The Top 3 of Brian Stewart, Jason Dachuk, Davis Terauds all received a prize from the prize table to reward their “minor efforts”. Golfers all finished close to 6:45pm. Supper however went off at 7pm. We only managed to attract 106 golfers this year. Again a Scramble format was used, and a 3 Drive per person requirement to keep the game challenging (It was reduced to 3 drives due to the wet fairways). There was a tie for 1st place this year, both the group of Simon Baruk and Michael Carr finished at 10 under Par. Ladies Longest Drive (Hole # 11) was won by Christine Kemp. Men’s Longest Drive (Hole # 6) was won by Murray Solski . Again gift cards were won by all.

Summer Summit was held June 23rd, 2014 to discuss plans for the coming year. Host was Iain Hill

2013-2014 Presidential Award of Excellence *Minimum and PAR points indicated are for 2014-2015.
Chapter #Chapter NameChapter MembersMembership Promotion Points*Minimum = 500PAR = 800Student Activities Points*Minimum = 300PAR =500Research Promotion Points*Minimum = 800PAR = 1050Historical Points*Minimum = 100PAR = 300Chapter Operations Points*Minimum = 400PAR = 1000Chapter Technology Transfer Points*Minimum = 450PAR = 1050Chapter Grassroots Government Activities Points*Minimum = 500PAR = 650Chapter PAOE Point Totals
15Ottawa Valley386550932123550010151525505807

2012-13 Regional Awards

1. CTTC Allen Hanley Plaque for The Best CTTC Chapter Chair: Award Recipient: Frank Mesicek, Hamilton Chapter

2. Membership Promotion

Blue Ribbon: HALIFAX-Conrad Lelievre Red Ribbon: QUEBEC-Jonathan Vigneault Green Ribbon:

OTTAWA -Adam Moons, MP Chair-1300 points TORONTO-Mark Bertollin, MP Chair-1275 points HAMILTON-John Molnar, MP Chair-975 points

3. Research Promotion

6 of the 9 chapters reach their goal Hayward Murray Region II award for RP:

Sept Meeting: The 2014-15 Chapter year starts off September 9th, 2014

The Chapter Summer Summit was held June 23rd, 2014 at 2:30 PM Host was Treasurer Iain Hill, Location 2387 Hereford Cr, Burlington, ON. Those in attendance were George Menzies; Iain Hill; Robyn Ellis; Mark Long; John Molnar; David Rasmussen; Reaz Usmanali; Allan Antcliffe; Mike Krewski; Reaz Usmanali as Past President handed over the gravel to new President John Molnar

Chapter Executive for the Society Year, July 2014 to June 2015: The Chapter Executive was President John Molnar [first of 2 years in this position], Past President and Research Promotion Chair Reaz Usmanali, Treasurer Iain Hill, YEA Chair Neil Rampersad, Membership Promotion Chair Mike Krewski, Student Activities Chair Mark Long, Historian George Menzies, Social Chair David Rasmussen, Programs / C.T.T.C. /T.E.G.A. Chair, Frank Mesicek, Homepage & Airways Editor, Allan Antcliffe, Board of Governors, Robyn Ellis, Bill McCartney.

The September 2014 Meeting of the new season was a tour held Tuesday September 9, 2014 held at McMaster Innovation Park [MIP]at 175 Longwood Road South in Hamilton. This location is a premier research park that boasts an award winning 180,000 square foot, 4-level office, laboratory and conference facility situated on 37 acres. This MIP offers collaborative space for researchers and entrepreneurs alike to co-locate, connect and commercialize; a place to transform ideas from vision to commercial opportunity. It is a LEED Platimum building and home to CANMET-MTL a research centre. The tour was led by Zach Douglas, President and CEO, who has been leading the start-up and development of MIP since 2006.The tour was limited to 30 people and quickly “Sold Out.” Dinner followed at the Beasley House Bistro 96 Locke Street South, Hamilton. Cost for Tour and Dinner: Chapter Members – $40 / Guests – $50 / Students – $10. At the Executive Meeting, it was agreed to made some major improvements in promoting student membership. Mark Long (Hamilton Chapter Student Chair) and Robyn Ellis (Region 2 Vice-Chair of Student Activities & Hamilton Chapter Board of Governors) have worked hard to promote student participation in our chapter. Hamilton Chapter voted to sponsor a student to attend the ASHRAE Winter Conference based on the student making an application. Additionally, we are sponsoring up to 50 students to join ASHRAE and the Chapter by covering their student dues. It was agreed that an investment in our youth is a great step in sustaining all the work that has been put into this chapter since 1959.

The October 2014 Meeting, was held Tuesday, October 7, 2014 and focused on building commissioning. Three speakers from the Building Commissioning Association (BCA) covered Standard 202 – “Coming to a Code Near You”; Certification – “Get It or Go Home” Best Practices – “Do It Right or Don’t Do It At All” The presenters were David Overton, CBCP, LEED AP BCA Eastern Canada Chapter President Field Services – Team Leader, Stantec; Bill McCartney, CoQ, CPMP, CCP BCA International Board Member & Treasurer Principal & Director of Commissioning Services, Isotherm Engineering and Tony Rocco, P.Eng., CCP BCA International Board Member & Canada Regional. The event was held at The University Club of McMaster Alumni Memorial Hall – Building #8 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm to enable more student participation. Cost was Chapter Members – $40 / Non-Chapter Members – $50, Student Chapter Members – $10 / Student Non-Chapter Members – $20. There were many new faces to ASHRAE (but not new to our local industry) out at the meeting. Additionally, we had a number of students and grad students attend and demonstrated great engagement with our Student Activities Chair (Mark Long), Young Engineers in ASHRAE Chair (Ryley Besseling), Regional Vice Chair Student Activities (Robyn Ellis), and YEA Regional Chair (Audrey Dupuis). from Montreal doing a chapter visit. It was a VERY rare occasion to have these four together in a room to encourage the participation of new young members in our chapter.

Also during October, on October 4th, YEA (Young Engineers in ASHRAE) and student members from our Hamilton Chapter engaged in an Ultimate Frisbee match with a similar team from the London Chapter. On November 14th, the Chapter will be sponsoring a YEA “pub night” at Shoeless Joe’s in Burlington.

The November 2014 Meeting, held Tuesday, November 11, 2014 was a tour of Nickel Brook Brewery, 864 Drury Lane, Burlington. The speakers, John and Peter Romano, owners of Better Bitters Brewing Company discussed how they built the Nickel Brook Micro Brewery from the ground up. Since 2005, Nickel Brook has quickly developed a reputation for having a lively and enticing line up of beers. Afterwards, the group went to Pepperwoods for dinner in downtown Burlington. ASHRAE Hamilton Chapter’s, Mark Long Student Activities Chair 2014/2015 heads up a low cost student membership program to introduce students to ASHRAE now and getting them involved in Chapter activities increases the chances of them remaining members once they graduate and begin their careers. On November 14th, the Chapter sponsored a YEA “pub night” at Shoeless Joe’s in Burlington. This was lead by Ryley Besseling, our YEA Chair 2014/2015. We had 10 students attend.

The December 2014 Meeting was held Monday, December 8, 2014 and a was Social / Networking Night for Chapter members and other ASHRAE members (and “wannabe” members) for a night of socialization and networking at the Southcote Tap 53 Grill in Ancaster starting at 6:00 pm. Cost for Dinner: Chapter Members – $40 / Non-Chapter Members – $50 Student Chapter Members – $10 / Student Non-Chapter Members – $20. It was announced that the Hamilton Chapter will sponsor one qualifying Student Member who has an interest in attending the 2015 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago! The selected student will have their travel and hotel expenses covered by the Chapter and will have an opportunity to network with industry’s best and learn what the industry has to offer.

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