In January 2013, the chapter had a new addition to our Executive, Frank Mesicek, C.E.T., PMP

Who has accepted the position of Programs/ C.T.T.C./T.E.G.A. Chair. Frank has been an ASHRAE member since 1986. He became registered as a Certified Engineering Technologist with OACETT in 1987. In 2000, Frank received PMP (Project Management Professional) designation and followed that up with a Certificate in Advanced Project Management, through the University of Toronto, in 2002. Frank has been in the HVAC and controls industry for 26 years, having worked for Siemens Building Technologies and Honeywell prior to his current position with Trane Ontario as Operations Manager – Contracting Solutions.

Also January was when the ASHRAE Winter Conference and AHR Expo took place in Dallas, Texas from January 26th to 30th, 2013. Some 55,000 showed up.

The Executive for the balance of the 2012-13 year is President Reaz Usmanali, B.Eng., LEED AP

Research Chair Mike Krewski TreasurerIain Hill, LEED AP YEA Chair Neil Rampersad, P.Eng. Membership Chair John Molnar, B.Eng., LEED AP Student Activities Chair Mark Long Historian George Menzies, P.Eng. Social Chair David Rasmussen, C.E.T. Programs / C.T.T.C. / T.E.G.A. Chair Frank Mesicek, C.E.T., PMP Homepage & Airways Editor Allan Antcliffe, P.Eng. Board of Governors Wilfred Laman, P.Eng. Terry Fowler, P.Eng., LEED AP David Hills, A.Sc.T. Bill McCartney isothermengineering.com

The year opened Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at the University of Guelph with a tour and discussion about the Central Utilities Plant. The University of Guelph is a comprehensive research-intensive institution with more than 20,000 students. Although it was established in 1964, many of the buildings are much older vintage, giving the campus a classic ivy league look. There are 150 buildings on the main campus totalling over 6 million square feet. The entire facility is served by a “Central Utilities Plant”. The district heating system is served by 5 gas-fired boilers, backed up by oil, with a peak university load of 200,000 lbs./hr. There are 7 centrifugal chillers and a peak load of 9,000 tons/hr. Electrically, the university is fed by 6 Guelph Hydro feeders and there are backup generators in a number of buildings. The peak electrical load is 20 MW. The campus is also served by a central deionized water system and a well water system for aquatic research.

Chief Engineer, Len Yungblut, discussed his Central Utilities Plant operation and some of the energy saving initiatives he has realized. Following the tour, we participated in a sumptuous dinner at the Fionn MacCool’s Irish Pub. The chapter would also like to thank Neil Rampersad for ensuring the event was well organized and for providing the much needed support to Frank, our Programs Chair, in his absence.

Late in January, ASHRAE held their Winter Conference & AHR Expo January 26–30, 2013 Dallas, TX. Some 2,840 people attended the Conference.  Attendees came from around the globe, including India, Latvia, Romania, Thailand and even Uganda, to name just a few. Also taking place in conjunction with the Conference was the ASHRAE co-sponsored Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Exposition, which set new all-time records for a Southwest Show. The Expo attracted 51,337 attendees, including nearly 34,000 visitors. The Show also saw the most exhibitors, 1,951, and largest square footage, 397,000 sq. ft., for any Southwest Show. New to the Conference was the ASHRAE Event App. Some 2,000 Conference attendees accessed education courses and social events with the touch of a button; had maps and floor plans in hand to find their way around; added sessions to their personal schedules and created one-touch custom agendas of events from their smartphones and tablets. The Winter Conference technical program featured nearly 200 presentations, with the top attended session in the systems and equipment, facility management, energy conservation and fundamentals and applications tracks.  The top-attended sessions were Introduction to the ASHRAE/REHVA Chilled Beam Design Guide; Desiccant Enhanced Air Conditioning; The FM Perspective: Reducing Energy Consumption and the True Cost of Maintenance; Innovative Energy Efficiency Strategies for Commercial Buildings; and Decoupling the Latent Load Through Psychrometrics. Other Conference highlights included the Technical Plenary, which drew 330 attendees, with its focus on ethics and engineering.  These, and additional sessions, from the Technical Program are part of ASHRAE’s Virtual Conference, which provides access to more than 250 presentations.  Also offered were five Professional Development Seminars and 14 short courses from the ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI). The most popular courses were Energy Management in New & Existing Buildings; Humidity Control Applications, Control Levels and Mold Avoidance; and Laboratory Design: The Basics and Beyond. Additionally, ALI offered a special session of its in-depth HVAC Design: Level I—Essentials training. The session was held Jan. 30-Feb. 1 and saw 39 attendees.

The February 2013 meeting was held at the Grand Valley Golf Club 1910 Roseville Road, Cambridge, ON N1R 5S3

5:30 pm – Social Hour / Cash Bar 6:00 pm – Buffet Dinner – followed by Feature Speaker. Cost continues for Members – $30.00 • Guests – $40.00 • Students – $15.00Members – $30.00 • Guests – $40.00 • Students – $15.00 The speaker was John Coghill, President TradeForce Tech who spoke of How the Smartphone is Going To Save the Planet and your Wallet. Prior to forming TradeForce Tech, Mr. Coghill was President of Eco-Shift power, a high efficiency lighting and energy management solutions consulting company. Prior to joining ESP, he was “Consulting CEO” for a Waterloo-based tech start-up rated one of “Top 20 Most Promising” tech start-ups by the Ontario Centers for Excellence. During his tenure, he developed the

Company’s business plan and technology strategy, raised start-up capital and established distribution

agreements for the Canadian and US markets. With an MBA from the top Business School in Canada, combined with extensive business development experience, he is focused on developing his new company into a force for change in our economy’s increasingly urgent need to transition to a more sustainable economic and environmental model How the Smartphone is Going To Save the Planet . . . . and your Wallet.

In Feb 2013, we did a bio on a local company Arvin Air Systems.Arvin Air Systems was founded by Neil Smith, P.Eng. in1972. After a six year career calling on MechanicalContractors for The Trane Company, Neil sawopportunity in the service, controls and energy management side of the HVAC Industry. Thanks to the oil embargo of the early 70’s and Federal Government grants, Arvin Air conducted energy audits for industrial companies such as Firestone, Otis Elevator, Westinghouse and General Electric, all of whom became long-term clients. Sadly, these manufacturing companies have departed the Hamilton area but the work served as a strong training base for Arvin Air staff to learn the complexities of industrial energy conservation. Arvin Air Systems designs HVAC solutions with team participation. This includes engineers, designers, trades people, and the client. The knowledge base of trades people provides ‘thinking outside the box’ and contributes to quality design. Employee profit sharing provides additional incentive for long term growth. Through prudent hiring and training, Arvin Air Systems evolved into a full service HVAC contractor with installation, repair, in-house sheet metal fabrication and controls for the Hamilton and Burlington industrial sector. Today, Arvin Air has evolved from manufacturing facilities to include high rise office towers such as 1 James St. S. in Hamilton, for which the company supplies a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan and an energy conservation agreement saving $120,000.00 annually. Due to client interest in energy utilization, Arvin Air proudly offers retro-commissioning services. The “Arvin Air guarantee” promises the energy savings or provides a cheque for the shortfall. Joe Muchynski, after several years with the company, took on a part ownership share and holds the position of General Manager.

The March 2013 meeting was held on Tuesday the 19th back at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. What an interesting meeting this turned out to be. Members had a chance to ask questions and unravel the mystery

that surrounds one of the interesting and useful social media tools in the market LinkedIn. Mr. Rob Murray discussed the use of LinkedIn and how this tool can be utilized to increase our business performance. Prior to the meeting, we had a sumptuous dinner at the Club.

As part of the night’s events, Mr. George Menzies unveiled our new ASHRAE banner including the new logo.George also brought along a photograph from many years ago to share with us the early days when the London Chapter was established. We would also like to recognize the distinguished service awards that will be presented to George Menzies, Dave Rasmussen and Hugh Crowther at the Denver conference in June.

During the presentation, those present learned about: 1. How to use LinkedIn to make a positive impression with your prospects and marketplace, 2. How to create a large network of connections and 3. How to capitalize on your efforts to improve sales performance. The speaker Rob Murray was from Business Success Liason Intrigue Media In 2006, Rob Murray started Intrigue Media with business partner Paul Demarco. During the last 6 years, they have grown a part-time, 2 student operation into one of South-Western Ontario’s fastest growing companies. Operating in 12 cities, Intrigue Media has been created to help local and regional businesses become visible in a marketplace saturated with National Brands and Big Box Stores. Rob is focused on creating strategy and purpose. His experience has given him the opportunity to understand how sales and marketing have a very crucial relationship together and if that relationship is strong, then they have a chance to be successful. The topic generated many questions from the floor.

The April 8th, 2013 meeting was a joint meeting with Toronto Chapter at. Otello’s Banquet & Conference Centre2273 Royal Windsor Drive, Oakville, ON L6J 7X8 5:00 pm – Registration / Reception 6:00 pm – Dinner & Feature Speaker Hamilton Chapter Members – $50.00 • Guests – $65.00 • Students – $15.00

The topic was part of the Society’s “ASHRAE Distinguished Lecture” Series Principles of Leadership & Group Dynamics. The Speaker spoke on Effective Leadership and the distinctions between management and leadership, together with major concepts defining effective leadership. Concepts of group dynamics, including non-verbal communication styles, were also presented. The speaker is one of ASHRAE’s most effective lecturers. He was Victor W. Goldschmidt, Ph.D. Victor Goldschmidt is an Emeritus Purdue Professor of Mechanical Engineering with more than 45 years of lecturing experience, Fellow and Past Director-at-Large of ASHRAE and honorary member of the IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration), ACAIRE (Colombia Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, AAF (Argentine Association of Cold), and ASURVAC (Uruguay Association of Refrigeration, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Heating). His industrial experience includes having been an Application Engineer and a Development Engineer with Honeywell, as well as serving as team leader with numerous research contracts within the HVAC&R industry. He also led research teams through grants with the DOD, NSF, and other governmental bodies. With more than 200 publications, he served as mentor to both graduate and undergraduate students. Currently he serves on ASHRAE’s Honors and Awards Committee. Victor is a facilitator to leadership training, problem solving and strategic planning sessions, a County Planning Commissioner and formerly a Trustee in the Leelanau Township Board in the Lower Northwest Michigan. Victor covered how Leadership is essential for effective meeting of goals and objectives, whether as an individual, corporation, or as an ASHRAE Chapter. Essential differences between management and leadership were presented through the sequential steps of leadership: the 5Es – “envision”, “equip”, “empower”, “edify”, and “evaluate”. Examples were given and moments of introspection provided. The purpose of leadership is change, essential to change is communication and inherent to it is confrontation. Highlights of the “art and science” of change were presented together with references to confrontation and communication. Victor circulated his own evaluation form so he would get feedback on his presentation – something new to all of us present.

On Tuesday, May 7, 2013, back at the RHYC, the topic was Motor Types – OEM vs Aftermarket How They Work, Features & Benefits The Feature Speaker was Rob McKenna, EMC Product Manager Regal Beloit Canada Rob McKenna has been EMC Product Manager at Regal Beloit for the past 3 years. His tenure with Regal Beloit has been 14 years including 8 years as a Sales Account Manager. Prior to that Rob trained as an electrical apprentice for 3 years.

This meeting also included a Technical Session/Tabletop Demonstration by Frank Mesicek, C.E.T., PMP from Trane Canada (also the Chapter Programs Chair) on Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) including: How VFDs Work VFD Options & Specification Harmonics Motors and VFD Compatibility. Again members were asked to Please RSVP to Frank Mesicek

The last meeting of the year was held Wednesday, June 12, 2013, the annual golf tournament which took place at the Whirlpool Golf Course in Niagara Falls. A record number attended some 128.






The Club at the Whirlpool asked that the chapter publish a few rules and regulations prior to our Wednesday, June 12th golf tournament: 1. Ontario Law does not allow Alcohol on the Course. Personal coolers will be confiscated and will be added to their collection. 2. Please use the halfway house between 9th and 10th Hole. Please do not go to the Clubhouse until you complete your round. 3. Collared shirts are mandatory for both men and women. 4. No denim pants, shirts or shorts or sweat pants. 5. Shorts are permitted but must be dress shorts and “Bermuda” length. 6. Soft spikes only.7. The Marshall is there to assist . . . not criticize. Per David Rasmussen, C.E.T., Social Chair 12/13

David also noted the following: Prior to the Golf we held a Reverse Draw like we did 8 years ago. However instead of taking up time at the supper, we did at 11 am with some Members gathering around to verify accuracy. We pulled out names one by one until 3 names remained in the envelope. Then 3rd place was drawn won by Art Rebek, 2nd name pulled was Roland Clee and last name in the envelope was Jack Fitzmaurice. All won some money that ws sealed in an envelope for each. Roland was especially glad to win cash as he is retired. It was great to see him win! Jack gave me his money back to give to ASHRAE Research which was big of him. Dave noted that his goal in the past, was to finish in the daylight. Dave was last to leave and was only 8:40pm!

The summer Society meeting was held in Denver,At theAWARDS PRESENTATION Saturday, June 23, 3:15-5:30 p.m. Plenary Session, in the Lone Star room the the Denver Sheraton — One hundred nineteen people are being recognized by ASHRAE for their contributions to the Society and the building industry. Some local Region 2 highlights follow:.

The Exceptional Service Award recognizes Distinguished Award recipients who have continued to serve the Society faithfully and with exemplary effort. Fourteen recipients were recognized: some Canadians

  • Dale Carter, Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, president and CEO, DEC Engineering, Vancouver, B.C., Canada 
  • K. William “Bill” Dean, P.Eng., manager, National Research Council of Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • George Menzies, P.Eng. Life Member, is retired and lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada**

The Distinguished Service Award salutes members of any grade for giving freely of their time and talent to the Society. Some 61 members were selected. A few Canadians include:

  • Dieter Bartel, energy specialist, Manitoba Hydro, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada[who student research leader in Manitoba in 1978 where I held RP workshop for Region 2 chapters
  • Hugh Crowther, P. Eng., executive vice president-product management and technology, Price Mechanical Industrial, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
  • Nadar “Jay” Jayaraman, P.Eng., is special projects manager, Enbridge, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Robert McDowall, P.Eng., Life Member, retired and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Tim McGinn, P.Eng., ASHRAE-Certified High-Performance Building Design Professional, principal, DIALOG, Calgary, Alberta, Canada    
  • David Rasmussen, is Canadian sales representative, Airdex Corporation, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Denver saw a record attendance even though all members were required to pay registration – speakers; Past Society Presidents; Life Club Members, Room monitors. TC members, etc. No more freebees. The idea is to reduce the overall registration costs for new members. The PAOE results for 2012-13 follow

2012-2013 Presidential Award of Excellence*Minimum and PAR points indicated are for 2011-2012.
Chapter #Chapter NameChapter MembersMembership Promotion Points
*Minimum = 500
PAR = 800
Student Activities Points
*Minimum = 300
PAR =500
Research Promotion Points
*Minimum = 800
PAR = 1050
Historical Points
*Minimum = 100
PAR = 300
Chapter Operations Points
*Minimum = 300
PAR = 600
Chapter Technology Transfer Points
*Minimum = 450
PAR = 850
Chapter Grassroots Government Activities Points
*Minimum = 500
PAR = 650
Chapter PAOE Point Totals
15Ottawa Valley37901270880450505110004205

The next Chapter Executive meeting is the summer summit, July 18

Hamilton Chapter Meeting summary for 2013-14

Chapter Executive for 2013-14

President: Reaz Usmanali, B.Eng., LEED AP; R P Chair: Mike Krewski
Treasurer: Iain Hill, LEED AP; YEA Chair: Neil Rampersad, P.Eng.

Membership Chair: John Molnar, B.Eng., LEED AP

Student Activities Chair: Mark Long; Historian: George Menzies, P.Eng.

Social Chair: David Rasmussen, C.E.

Programs / C.T.T.C. / T.E.G.A. Chair Frank Mesicek, C.E.T.

Homepage & Airways Editor: Allan Antcliffe, P.Eng.

Board of Governors: Terry Fowler, David Hills; Bill McCartney

September Meeting: The feature Speaker was Edwin Lim, P.Eng., MBA, LEED AP President, Ecolibrium Strategies. As a seasoned management consultant with 24+ years of diverse experience in the green buildings industry. He has held executive roles with Honeywell Limited, Brookfield Lepage Johnson Controls and Pinchin Environmental in Engineering. Mr. Lim provided valuable insight into the details of analysis of building from an energy savings perspective and where the bench-marking and labeling process should begin. He also described, in detail, the steps and the where he sees the industry progressing in the near future. Dinner followed at The Black Bull 1124 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON L7P1A5 5:00 am – Social Hour 6:00 pm – Dinner 7:00 pm – Feature Speaker Cost for meetings this year: Chapter Members – $30.00 • Guests – $40.00 • Students – $15.00

October Meeting: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 covered Mechanical Vibration & Noise Control. The presentation included an introduction to mechanical vibration and noise control as it relates to building noise control followed by relevant application examples. The Feature Speaker was Steve Fey, Director of International Sales Mason Industries Inc. who has been an integral part of Mason Industries for the past 27 years, initially as an Application Engineer and currently as the Director of International Sales. During his time at Mason Industries, he has contributed to many areas of study specializing in noise control and thermal expansion. His involvement in the development of the Revolutionary Spring Supported Riser System gained notoriety for Steve as his bulletin was featured in several industry publications. Steve has made presentations to ASHRAE Chapters world wide on topics covering noise and vibration control, seismic restraint systems, building and railroad isolation and thermal expansion compensation of piping systems. Dinner was at The Black Bull 1124 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON L7P 1A5

November Meeting: was held Tuesday, November 12, 2013, topic Chiller Sound Attenuation with Feature SpeakerBruce Majer – Vice President BRD Noise and Vibration Control who has had nearly 30 years of experience in vibratory noise control, with strong concentrations in acoustics and machine reliability since 1980. Prior to joining BRD in 2002, he worked as Field Service Manager and then Sales Manager at VSC. During that time, he developed and maintained machine reliability programs for industrial and military facilities throughout North America. He is currently involved with development of criteria for the Navy’s DDG 1000 program and has participated in the development of the IEEE 45 standard rewrite. Bruce has also designed training courses in sound and vibration analysis, while delivering them throughout this hemisphere and abroad. Published in journals Sound & Vibration, P/PM Technology, Vibrations, ASNE Intelligent Ships, and ASNE Fleet Maintenance Technical Proceedings. Dinner was held at the Black Bull, Burlington.

December: Unfortunately, due to a low number of responses/lack of interest, we had to cancel our planned December social event.

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